Tramas side/coffee table by Bianca Barbato - Quartz red stone top

This gorgeous Tramas Side Table has red quartz stone top and brushed stainless steel structure. It can be part of your interior decor as well as in your exterior. The quartz stone has micro-crusted mirrors creating a unique sparkling surface. Also available with blue quartz stone and brushed brass structure as well as Tramas Coffee Table, proposing a set of tables that dialogue with each other.  Search Tramas series for further details and images.

Tramas series is available for the very first time in UK through Kelly Christian Designs. 

Bianca is a self-taught designer that focus on the authorial design of furniture and fixtures in a elaborated and detailed productions of objects, it comes from limited editions to industrial line collections, manufactured and marketed by larger scale factories. Materials and techniques are the protagonists at the starting point of her projects. She embarks on studies to better understand the different types of raw materials and the manipulation of technologies, from laser cutting to marquetry. Her influences and main inspirations comes from the curiosity of how things were done in the old times. Bianca creates objects that somehow brings back affective memories, feelings and instincts. That’s why her creations has this power of nostalgia and welcome, and perhaps it’s from there that comes a certain interpretation of an aesthetic of old times.

Born in 1978 in São Paulo, Bianca opened her studio in 2008 in Rio de Janeiro. 

Tramas side table by Bianca Barbato. Handmade in Brazil. Exclusively to UK through Kelly Christian Designs. Price excludes VAT however includes local delivery within M25. International deliveries available, please contact us for a quote.

LEAD TIMES: 10 to 12 weeks

DIMENSIONS: 75x38x50H cm, 60x30x50H cm or 120x38x40H cm

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Quartz Stone, Extra Clean Glass or Acrylic (table top-stone)


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